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Car Window Tinting

Automotive window tint cuts down on glare and heat so you can be more comfortable while you drive. Also it protects you from the Sun by blocking up to 99.9% of UV Rays. Window tinting has many benefits and based on the length of your vehicle ownership, the cost of having window tint installed on your vehicle is pennies per day even with our high performance nano-ceramic films.

 Clear Bra

Paint Protection for your car

Home Window Tinting

Save energy and make your home more comfortable with home window tint. New residential window film technology ads a layer of insulation to your windows to keep the heat out in the summer and keep the heat in in the winter. These films are very popular in Colorado since our weather changes so drastically within a short period of time.

Decorative Window Films

Add that extra touch to your home decor, business, school or office. Our large variety of decorative films includes frosted, etched glass, dusted crystal and a wide range of specialty privacy films. If you can think of it we probably have it. We can create custom window films to suit your needs and style.

Commercial Window Tinting

Create a more comfortable environment for you, your employees and customers. Our exterior window film warranty exceeds that of any other film company at 15 years.

Window Blinds and Shades

Custom blinds, shades and shutters for your home

Vinyl Lettering, Graphics and Car Wraps

Window Signs, informative decals, vinyl lettering, full vehicle wraps

Scenic Window Films offers the best products, quality and value in Car window tinting and clear bra, home window tinting, business window tinting, decorative window films, vinyl graphics, and window coverings.

Scenic Window Films window tinting shop serves Denver, Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, and other NOCO areas.

We offer the experience, the products, the value and the customer service you are looking for in window tinting and window film installation.

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Scenic Window Films

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Front Window Tinting

Car window tinting, solar protection window tinting, decorative window film installation


We provide Fort Collins car window tinting in our conveniently located shop!
We are also mobile, but to get the best results, we recommend getting your car windows tinted at the shop.
In order for us to be able to install at your location, at least a two car garage is necessary.
We offer a lifetime warranty on our car window tinting and home window tinting.



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Why install car window tinting?

To protect yourself, your family, friends, vehicles, furnishings, and valuables from the damaging effects of the Sun!

Benefits of car window tinting:

Tinting your car Reduces bothersome and sometimes dangerous glare. Window tint rejects heat from the Sun and keeps your vehicle’s interior cooler. With the right shade of window films you can adds privacy and get rid of that fishbowl look. Window film also adds protection from the Sun’s harmful UV Rays. Tinting enhances the look of your vehicle and gives it a more appealing look. By keeping the sun out, tint protects your vehicle’s upholstery and slows down fading and cracking of your interiors.

Benefits of residential/commercial window film:

Tinting your home or business can drastically reduce your energy bills by reducing AC use time. It rejects heat and gets rid of hot spots in your home. With the right shade level you can reduce bothersome glare that hinders your ability to watch TV and read. Window film protects furnishings and valuables from the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays. This includes floors, walls, window coverings (blinds and shades) and furniture. The right kind of window tint can add privacy during the day time so you can look out without people seeing in. Window Film adds security by preventing glass from chattering and adds an extra layer of protection

Benefits of decorative window film:

Adds privacy with a beautiful appearance and creates a more inviting space. Decorative window film makes any office space look more professional and adds a special touch to any home decor.

There is a huge selection of decorative films to choose from to create that WOW! Factor.

Let us install window film on your car, truck, SUV, RV, home or business and start enjoying the many benefits window tinting can offer.

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